1. Open https://shop.auctionsoftware.com

  2. Select a plan

  3. Registrations steps

  4. Create store

  5. Edit store

  6. Post product

  7. Dashboard Tabs

  8. Profile

  9. Buyer Interface

Getting started

Here's how to get started with shop.auctionsoftware.com and start selling!

Seller guide

Step 1: Choose Membership

If you're the first time user on Shop signing up for “shop.auctionsoftware.com”, create an account.

Click on “Get Started”. It will redirect to Membership & Plans.

Follow the steps in the on-boarding screens to complete your registration.

User can redirect to “Membership & Plans”.

The plans can be modified with the following features:

Our membership rates starts from $0 upwards, so choose what you want and get started.

Step 2: Registration

We would like to know you better so please fill in your First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Email-Id, Password, Address and Mobile Number.

Click “Register” and get ready to receive a code for us to verify your mobile number.

Please wait 5 mins while we send you the code. If you didn’t get the code, click on “Resend Code”. It will generate another code. Once you receive code click on “Confirm Code”. Your account is verified and please check the email id you provided for the account activation email.

Please activate your account and re-login for full access to your shop! Once activation link is clicked, you will be redirected to the login page again.

Step 3: Create Store

Yay! You are almost done. Now, let’s create a store.

Fill in your favourite for the following and start your store.

Once all necessary details are filled, you are ready to fill in your profile as a seller.

Step 4: Profile Page

This is all about you! For people to know more about you and to help ease your payment details.

Here is everything you can do in this page.

Step 5: Edit Store

Use the top right option “Edit Store” to locate this page if needed.

5a) See all the details of your store and update if needed.Update name, description and tags to find your store.

Permanent Domain URL : You can change the Temporary Domain URL provided by contacting us if you have purchased a permanent domain address for your store. We can help you set it up.

5b) Let’s create a perfect theme.

Choose the right position for your banner image from the top menu.

Mix and match the following to create the custom theme you love.

Change how your text looks from the right menu. Choose from the predefined font styles available.

Change the theme color from the right menu. There are some good colors for you to choose from.

Change the profile image / logo for your store from the right menu. You have some predefined images available or you can upload your own.

Update the banner image from the right menu too. You have some predefined images available or you can upload your own.

5c) Let all the buyers know what you believe in.

Privacy Statement:

Change the privacy statement for your store at the bottom of the page. Choose Save to confirm the statement.

Terms and Conditions:

Edit the terms and conditions for your store and save the information by clicking “Save”.

Blog :

Add your blog content by using the option at the bottom of the page.

Update Address:

Let buyers know where you are physically located by updating the address for your store.

That’s it, your store is successfully created.

Step 6: Add Product

Let’s populate the store with what you have to offer. Click Edit Store option on the top right menu if the page needs to be located.

6a) The first way to do it is to find the “Add Products” button in the middle of the page.

This brings up the page where you need to enter the details of each item you want to sell.

Let’s go step by step.

6b) The second way is to add products from another store. If you had ticked the checkbox in the first step in 6a, this is where your product becomes visible to other store owners.

Choose the Edit Store from the top right menu if needed.

Click on the squares icon on the left of the page to view the drop down menu.

Click on Add Product from Other Store option.

There appears a list of products from other sellers. Filter based on categories, commission percentage or availability.

Click on Add to your store button. You will see the item added in your list of products.

Step 7: Decorate Store

Add these final touches to your store. Click on Edit Store option from the top right menu.

Choose the order to display products. Drag items around to rearrange and click “Save Order” when you are satisfied.

Feature selected products. Tick the checkbox of the products you want to feature. Click “Feature Selected” to confirm and watch the featured list appear at the top.

Click on the squares icon on the left of the page to view the drop down menu.Choose Edit Categories option. You can choose the categories of the products you want to be shown in your store.

Step 8: View Store

Choose View Store option on the top right menu. This is a sample of how your store is seen by prospective buyers. Choose Edit Store in the top right menu if you need to make any changes.

Next steps


Request for review from your customers. You can invite them to write a review and increase your popularity.

Upgrade Plan

Increase your sales by customizing your store and adding more options for you and your customers by upgrading your plan.


View and download your sales and bid withdraw requests with this option.

Help Center

Find us for further queries or simply a feedback.

We're here to help! Search or browse below for answers to any question about shop.auctionsoftware.com or support@auctionsoftware.com

Buyers Guide

Step 1: Registration

Step 2: Choose a product

Step 3: View the product

Step 4: Bid / Buy the product

3a) Submit bid for auction.

3b) Buy the product.

Step 5: Buyer Dashboard