High School – Ep. 2 “Group Projects” (The Office Parody)

land of the free anyways today we’re going to do group projects oh but what are we doing on projects on presidents finally some alone time with Killian Jules it was always my childhood dream to become a United States leader now I’m a classroom leader so guys what else bagel presidents build one for obvious reasons yeah we have no idea about anything about presidents Akali can ask you a question who is your favorite president I don’t know Thomas says you’re funny I don’t know about at the event I could literally not care less if I could carry any less I would be brain dead he’s just be doing to this about what really we can just show up and leave whenever we want obviously he doesn’t really care I don’t think it all told us we’re hubs not looking at anything can’t make the player hate the game so today in class Jules just kind of ran out she said I was shaking her out I mean I was but can you blame me Nate pockets top two juniors presentation Jorge washing machine was the second greatest president the United Nations – hell yeah William ball Oakland let me tell you a few things I love about Bill Clinton first of all he’s 69 years old take a bow Monica Lewinsky you know he’s sticker than a bowl of oatmeal third yeah bill playing on the sax late at night I can see why Hillary got me all right mister still know them that’s enough you can have a seat now that was ridiculous hit the plane you teach me idiots next Jason and Hunter Broadway he was a very strong man and he tore down that one area yeah the Watergate was escaped doing scandalous but it was fruit peace jay-z sir this is a speech well on the writing the Great Communicator in Europe you’re stubborn about get back to your seat that’s terrible it’s worst yet worse than NIC what you see all you have to do to make a good grade in this class is just say the most conservative thing you can think of and he’ll love it so it’s one person and he was a person Republican to be in the White House and that that’s why Abraham Lincoln my class no here no here please don’t read it and give it here oh just all the way please don’t leave that please I’ll tell you about no way to read this to the whole class once they’re out of they don’t I never write notes again in your class I think we can make a deal Jason it’s unavailable with the thing or two and I won’t read this but until the end I’m gonna keep it with me yes sir understood yes sir sit down bacon Walker here you

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