Add Inventory For Free

Add essential inventories from other sellers to meet your customers' demands - for FREE!


Step 1: Add Products from other Stores

Are you a start-up looking to establish an online business, without investing on inventory? Simply add the products you need from other stores free of cost, and advertise it to your own customers!

Step 2: Meet Your Store Demand

Maintaining inventory to meet demand can be difficult and expensive. Quickly address an inventory shortfall by sourcing the products from other stores, and never lose a customer again!


Step 3: Pay Commission

You can search products based on commission rates, and add them to your store. When you sell a product, you immediately earn the pre-fixed commission on it.

Sell Your Surplus Inventory

You can loan your surplus or non-moving inventory to other stores to sell at fixed commissions.


Step 1: Your Products

While adding a product to your store, you can choose whether other sellers can sell it through their stores as well.

Step 2: Choose Your Commission

You can choose the commission you wish to pay for each product if sold by other sellers. Unsold products are returned to your store after 2 months.


Step 3 : Get Cash

The moment your product is sold, get cash minus the commission in your account.